To Provide the Risk Management, Loss Prevention and Life Safety tools you need to protect your business

We at USA Security are Risk Management, Loss PReventio nad Life Safety Specialists, dedicated to ensuring business security through the use of a combination of cutting edge technology, the finest in products and specific action plans created for each of our customers. Risk Management means more than reducing shoplifting. It’s about reducing employee theft, various types of fraud and improving overall productivity. Ultimately, the use of a fully integrated system emcompassing Video Surveillence, Security Alarms and Access Control is only limited by the users needs.

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Harvey Waters

- President and CEO

Mr. Waters was educated at California State University and subsequently established and operated seven automotive leasing companies in six states throughout the US. From 1989 to 1997 he owned and operated a national snack food company, growing retail sales to excess of 30 million dollars. He has formulated successful multi-industry business plans and has profitably impacted major markets on a national level. Mr. Waters established USA Security in Colorado in 1997.

Jen Waters

- Vice President and CFO

Mrs. Waters joined USA Security in 2008, bringing over 15 years of experience as a Senior Executive in Corporate America. Prior to joining USA Security, she spent 12 years as a General Manager at a major Tire Chain in the Denver area.

Dave Smialek

- Senior Security Technician

Dave joined USA Security in 2002, Prior to joining USA Security Mr Smialek was a Federal Heights police officer. He is the lead on-site supervisor.